• Find folk artists and music scholars for your project
  • Explore possibilities of knowledge exchange & collaboration
  • Stay with us and collaborate with artists of your choice
  • Travel to native villages of artists and stay with them

Artist Residency and Musical Collaborations

Rajasthan is very rich in indigenous traditions practiced by large number of community musicians, dancers, artists and craftsmen. Such artistry of Rajasthan is internationally acknowledged by world musicians and showcased at festivals. We have been working with the folk artist communities for over 20 years. We have good understanding of this music-scape and excellent rapport with these artists.

If you are an artist from any part of India or the world seeking to curate or collaborate with folk artists, folk musicians or scholars of Rajasthan, we can help you the whole nine yards.

To start with, we can assist you with finding the right artist/s for collaboration, and even with exploring possibilities of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Rely on us for hosting artist residency in any convenient big city like Jaipur.

Alternatively, if you wish to travel to native place of the artist, we have outreach centers across Rajasthan, where you can stay and interact.

Rajasthani folk artists have been collaborating with world music for over four decades, and are well versed with the specific modalities of collaborations.