• Ideas on research subjects and scoping
  • Connect with subject resource persons & experts
  • Field trips for deeper interaction and understanding

Facilitation of Cultural Academic Research

Dancing Peacock is a reliable resource for institutions, colleges, students, scholars and other such individuals who wish to undertake research on any culture related subject in Rajasthan.

To start with, we can assist you with ideas on the subject and scope of your research. We can connect you subject experts and other resource persons in the field and arrange the field trips for better understanding.

We facilitate cultural research and field studies on subjects including (but not limited to):

  • Folk music and musician communities
  • Traditional crafts and craft makers
  • Traditional paintings, art schools and painters
  • Vernacular languages and dialects
  • Traditional food
  • Frescos (Mandana)
  • Traditional fairs, festivals, get-togethers and rituals
  • Traditional clothes, textile art-forms, ornaments
  • Traditional utensils and pottery