Dancing Peacock

Rajasthan, the largest state in India, is home to rich and diverse indigenous traditions that manifest in its enchanting folk music, dance and art forms. These traditions are an integral part the identity of communities that have been practicing them for centuries.

Dancing Peacock is your window to this rich, enchanting kaleidoscope of traditions, a window like none other.

Our customers and guests get an authentic, unparalleled experience, our artists get livelihoods …and we accomplish our mission of conservation of Rajasthan’s indigenous culture and welfare of folk artists.

What makes your experience Truly authentic & unparalleled

Our deep & fundamental understanding of native traditions and music and art form

Strong connect with thousands of folk artists across every art form and across Rajasthan

Over two decades of expertise in research, documentation, & design of cultural experiences


VINOD JOSHI Co-founder & CEO

Vinod Joshi is a renowned expert on Rajasthan’s indigenous traditions.

Over the last two decades, he has extensively documented folk culture of Rajasthan, and played a pivotal role in creating pioneering heritage-based development initiatives and events.

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